Sunday, September 25, 2011


just wanted to let you know my next members update will have a few pics from this years family vacation. We went whitewater rafting, to niagara falls and to Cedar Point! it was a blast!

The pics I am updating with are from the Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania, where we went rafting and Seven Springs Resort, where we did the alpine slide. Also, there are some from Niagara Falls. I am still sorting the Cedar Point pics so they will be in another update.

Thanks again to all of my members!! your support is very appreicated.

Friday, May 20, 2011

In the Pits

Hi Everyone!

okay so I completely forgot about starting this blog in 2008 LOL! however I am going to try to update this as the member area of my website is updated so I can kind of explain what is going on in the pics/clips etc. soooo I'm back :)

in the most recent update (may 20) "in the pits" it is a quick clip from "pit lane" at the Indianapolis 500....very very cool. I am not a huge race fan i.e. I don't watch it on the weekends LOL but you can't live in Indy and not think the 500 is cool!!! in this clip we see them making some adjustments to the #10 Target car which is a team Ganassi car that Dario Franchetti drives. My husband took this clip. But in the ones to come I will be narrating for you LOL. Here is a lil preview pic ...I will just tell you it was on of the neatest things I have been able to experience

Monday, September 1, 2008

HI! long time I know lol

Hey everyone!

just wanted to say hey, and sorry for not keeping you up to date better!! as you know I have been married for almost one year now............yeaaaa life is wonderful. I have taken '08 off from competing and have been working on the improvements that I need to make. I think things are coming along very well and I am looking forward to competing in '09!! no plans set in stone yet as to what, when or where but I will keep you posted!!

I do want to take a min. and sincerely thank all of you who support me and my website. It is truly appreciated and is much help. Competing is very VERY expensive and each dollar made from this website goes directly to my contest prep fund. As I mentioned before I have taken this year off but have been saving for my '09 prep. Without your help competing would be even more difficult. So thank you all, once again.

I have mentioned to my webmaster a bit of a "re-vamp" for the site and am looking forward to that, It will be toward the later part of the year before we can manage it though. The pics used on the site are from a few years ago and I look much different now and want to update that, and I am sick to death of looking at that black dress lol!! even though it IS one of my fav dresses!! lol

have a happy monday!


one last tidbit............we went over and watched the north american's this weekend and I wanted to say congrats to Kim Ferrell on her 2nd place finish!! she has improved tremendously over the past year and looked great!! way to go KIM!!